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Negombo is a fishing hamlet with myriads of tourist attractions such as Fishing villages, multi ethnic culture, Old churches, Lagoons with varied wildlife, historical Forts built by the invaders, Fish markets and historical canals built by the Dutch. These attractions are just hop step away and you can explore them at your own pace. A Tuk-Tuk ride to these places is a great experience and a thrill.

If you want to try out more lengthy tours Sri Lanka is a not a destination which will disappoint you. If you are an adventurous one you may try Safaris to Sri Lanka’s best Wildlife Parks to see Elephants, Leopards and Crocodiles. World heritage sites which dates back to 2500 years. Why not cool hill country of Sri Lanka to explore many waterfalls and soothing landscape of the tea country where the world’s best Tea is grown.

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